20 Most Promising Content Delivery Network Solution Providers - 2016

20 Most Promising Content Delivery Network Solution Providers - 2016

Content delivery, over the last few years, has changed dramatically with the increasing influence of internet, cloud, and mobile technologies. At the center of this revolution stands Content Delivery Network (CDN) that deliver cached static content web pages and other web content to their end-users through a network of servers. CDN allows the requested content to be channelized from the nearest points of presence (POP) and back, instead of having to travel all the way from the website’s origin server and back.

Today, the volume of traffic served by CDN accounts for more than half of all internet consumers’ traffic. It is vital for boosting the speed and performance of the website by reducing stress of static content on the original server. This will open business to all corners of the world by eliminating any latency issues that may be interrupting long-distance online transactions and affecting sales.

With billions of connected devices across the globe, choosing the best CDN partner is critical for organizations that are looking to deliver compelling online experiences. The right CDN provider has a proven track record of innovative content delivery that is fast, reliable, and secure. CIOReview has analyzed the strengths and capabilities of numerous CDN solution providers and has chosen the top 20 among them.

The companies featured in this edition showcase vast knowledge and in-depth expertise in delivering CDN related solutions and services. The listing provides a look into how the solutions and services work in real world, so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available, which are right for you, and how they shape up against the competition.

We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Content Delivery Network Solution Providers - 2016.

Company Name

Company Description

Akamai Technologies Akamai helps businesses connect the hyper-connected, empowering them to transform and reinvent their business online
Amazon Web Services Offers a complete range of cloud storage services for backup and recovery, tiered archive, user-driven content
CDNetworks Provides Global content delivery network for static and dynamic content Managed DNS Media acceleration DDoS protection Cloud storage Web application firewall (WAF) Enterprise Application Security
Cloudflare Provides CDN solutions for enhanced performance and security related to Web services
Comcast Technology Solutions Provides most comprehensive solution that allows video content providers to deliver a unified experience to every screen
Concurrent Computer Corporation Provides software and solutions that develops content delivery and real-time applications on a core foundation of high-performance Linux and storage technologies
DVEO Provider of Video Streaming and Video Transport Equipment, delivering cost effective solutions for TELCO's, Digital Broadcasters worldwide, and the Cable Industry
Equinix, Inc Provides carrier-neutral data centers and internet exchanges to enable interconnection
Imperva Incapsula Provides cloud-based service that makes websites safer, faster and more reliable
Internap An Internet infrastructure provider that offers cloud hosting, colocation, Internet Protocol services, data center and Content Delivery Network services
Level 3 Communications, LLC Level 3 builds, protects and manages the networks of enterprises
Limelight Networks A CDN firm with one of the largest networks, which is privately owned and operated affording unparalleled content delivery capabilit
Liquid Web Inc Delivers reliable, highly-available, secure, and hassle-free hosting products and services to over 30,000 customers, spanning 150 countries
NetStairs NetStairs offers CDN solutions that facilitate quality real-time interactive services
ScientiaMobile Provides both Premise-based and Cloud-based device intelligence solutions to provide mobile optimization, ad targeting intelligence, analytics, and image optimization
StackPath, LLC Provides intelligent web services platform for security, speed and scale
Total Server Solutions Provides managed services for clients of all sizes, from small and medium sized businesses to deliver contet quickly
Touchstream Provides a proactive Live and On Demand stream monitoring platform
Varnish Software Varnish Software’s high-performance content delivery solutions, Varnish Plus, Varnish API Engine and Varnish Extend, provide fast and reliable digital content delivery at any scale while giving companies the flexibility to maintain control over their content
VidScale Provides middleware to content providers and content distribution equipment providers so they can easily provide video and rich media capabilities to large, distributed audiences