Top 20 CDN Solution Companies - 2015

Powered by the influx of cloud and mobile technology, the last few years have witnessed major shifts in content delivery methodologies via internet. At the center of this revolution stands Content Delivery Networks (CDN) that power the delivery of web pages and web content to distributed locations on time. Increased consumption of internet and proliferation of rich media files and video over the internet are driving the escalating demand for CDN solutions.

 Today, CDNs are responsible for more than half of the internet consumer traffic. They play an important part in boosting the speed and performance of the website by reducing the stress of static content on the original server. Further, CDNs are not only delivering content rapidly, but also offering analytical information for content producers. These advancements are making it possible for companies to create a better visitor experience and deliver content without having to worry about latency issues. In this ecosystem, CDN solution providers play a crucial role in offering support system for meeting the content delivery requirements of multiple industries. CIOReview has analyzed the strengths and capabilities of numerous CDN solution providers and has chosen the Top 20 among them.

 The companies featured here showcase vast knowledge and in-depth expertise in delivering CDN related solutions and services.

The listing provides a look into how the solutions and services work in real world, so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available, which are right for you, and how they shape up against the competition.

    Top CDN Solution Companies

  • 1

    Provider of technology-driven solutions designed to deliver time-sensitive multimedia digital content with robust classification and unmatched categorization accuracy, along with reliable entitlement processing and secure syndication.

  • 2

    Akamai helps businesses connect the hyper-connected, empowering them to transform and reinvent their business online.

  • 3

    A provider of content delivery solutions that integrate with Amazon Web Services to distribute content in an effective manner.

  • 4

    A company offering feature-rich CDN services to help enterprises deliver rich media content faster and more reliably than traditional delivery methods.

  • 5

    Optimizing web performance across data centers and CDNs for companies using cloud-based Web traffic optimization.

  • 6

    Provides CDN solutions for enhanced performance and security related to Web services.

  • 7

    A wireless communications service company that provides networking solutions and data transmission within seconds.

  • 8

    A CDN service provider that offers clients unprecedented access to real-time performance analytics and other innovative features.

  • 9

    Offering a comprehensive suite of solutions including content delivery, storage, analytics, web acceleration, video platform and cloud-based IP services.

  • 10

    Provides electronic content delivery solutions to the global publishing and education market.

  • 11

    Instart Logic accelerates cloud application delivery for the world’s most performance-obsessed organizations.

  • 12

    Internet infrastructure provider that offers cloud hosting, colocation, Internet Protocol services, data center, and Content Delivery Network services.

  • 13

    The company offers cost-effective CDN solutions and services to tackle the network challenges and render visibility into network.

  • 14

    The company provides an enterprise-class platform, solutions and services to aid media companies in various content management operations.

  • 15

    Provides public cloud servers, private clouds, bare metal servers, colocation and CDN services on a low-latency, blended global network with over 5Tbps of capacity.

  • 16

    Empowers customers to better engage digital audiences to optimize and deliver digital content on any device.

  • 17

    Provides next-generation content delivery network solutions that guarantee speed, automation, real-time reports and implementation.

  • 18

    Provides real-time, ultra low latency services like customizable application logic, online video publishing, and streaming solutions for live video and video on-demand, and content delivery capabilities for content caching.

  • 19

    Providing solutions ranging from digital signage and IP video to content distribution and enterprise video caching.

  • 20

    A global provider of new world of communication services and an operator of the world’s largest wholly owned fibre optic cable network and Tier 1 IP backbone which carries 24 percent of the world’s internet routes.