Mirror Image: DDN- Initiating Integrated Content Distribution

Traditionally, CDN is aimed at increasing the reliability and scalability of a site without requiring additional investments in expensive hardware, software, and maintenance. “Today, CDN serves a large fraction of the internet content, including web objects, downloadable objects, applications, live streaming media, on-demand streaming media, and social networks,” asserts Gustav Vik, CEO and President. “We have been providing services that enable companies to deliver their online content to viewers worldwide.” Based in Tewksbury, MA, Mirror Image helps organizations meet their online business goals by delivering the capacity, performance, and capabilities through its solutions. With extensive capabilities and an easy-to-use web-based management tool, Mirror Image’s solutions facilitate companies to easily publish, manage, deliver, and analyze their object delivery and stream media activities.

The only way to remain competitive is to meet or even exceed the visitors’ expectations—in order to deliver successful online experiences

“Our Dynamic Delivery Network (DDN) consists of a worldwide network of Content Access Point (CAP) facilities that offload customers’ origin servers and locate content close to the user, ensuring optimal website performance,” says Vik. The company’s patented, global DDN solutions leverage the unlimited capacity of the global CAP network to guarantee availability and unsurpassed performance—even during peak traffic periods. The company also provides integrated content distribution for content caching and file downloads with Edge Computing capabilities. “We offer a complete Online Video Platform, and streaming solutions for delivering live and video on-demand to desktops, mobile devices and IPTV set-top boxes,” he adds.

With its groundbreaking Edge Computing service, the company enables customers to execute custom real-time application logic on its patented, worldwide network. It offloads traffic from the origin servers, and provides a single end user—to ensure optimal application performance.
Gustav Vik, CEO & President
“Our Edge Computing service is tightly integrated with our media and content delivery services, which make it flexible, to programmatically create a unique online experience for every browser or device in real-time,” points out Vik. The Edge Computing services are a superior alternative to internal server build-outs and traditional cloud computing services. “We provide real-time, ultra low latency services like customizable application logic, online video publishing, streaming solutions for live video and video on-demand, content delivery capabilities for content caching and file downloads,” says Vik. The company’s streaming media solutions empower organizations to use the Internet to reach and communicate with users—anywhere, anytime. From delivering interactive productions to streaming rich multimedia, these offerings leverage Mirror Image’s patented, global Dynamic Delivery Network, which adds a seamless lifeline to the communications online.

“Whether a client’s site includes simple, static, or dynamic content, our solutions offload the server processing and bypass Internet congestion to accelerate user experience in a feasible manner and deliver content to millions of users worldwide,” explains Vik. In addition, the company’s ClearVue Control Center gives customers the ability to analyze the stream traffic dynamically in a rich integrated web interface— availing a complete control. “An easy-to-use interface also allows you to provision or de-provision live, video on demand (VOD), and proxy video streams—from your home or office, and whenever you need them,” clarifies Vik.

Whether it’s developing and executing complex application logic or delivering a live video stream, customers rely on Mirror Image’s highly scalable, ultra low latency services for content distribution. “Our innovative services and global DDN enable companies to take advantage of richer, more relevant content to enhance the online user experience with higher levels of interactivity,” concludes Vik.

Mirror Image

Tewksbury, MA

Gustav Vik, CEO & President

Provides real-time, ultra low latency services like customizable application logic, online video publishing, and streaming solutions for live video and video on-demand, and content delivery capabilities for content caching.