Limelight Networks: Better Engaging Digital Audience by Optimizing Digital Content

Robert Lento, President, CEO & Director
Today, the digital world is moving at an intense pace, which portrays that millions of users are viewing information through online and connected devices. As several users are viewing content, targeting the specific audience turns out to be arduous task, thereby it brings down the online experience offered through the content because of low latency. To confront this issue, enterprises require a way to transfer, store and publish information within a confined time frame. With headquarters at Tempe, AZ, Limelight Networks is addressing this challenge with their Orchestrate Platform that engages digital audience to optimize and deliver digital content on any device, anywhere in the world.

Limelight's Orchestrate platform offloads all the complexity involved in delivering content, thereby assuring greater delivery even when internet is congested. Limelight’s Orchestrate platform is an integrated suite of cloud-based services, infrastructure, and powerful software that enables the user to reliably and consistently publish and deliver exceptional digital experiences—websites, games, and downloads. The heart of the platform is EdgePrism, advanced caching proxy software, designed to handle events of massive scale with the lowest latency, best reliability, and highest origin offload with any size website. In addition, wide range of services are offered under this platform such as storage of digital content, secure way of delivering content with defense mechanism and website acceleration.

Limelight Orchestrate Delivery (CDN) is the fortress of the firm that offers unsurpassed power of global network, private cloud to deliver the recent new releases and major online events. Connected to hundreds of users across several global networks, Orchestrate Delivery ensures faster and better experience in delivering the content, application, game, software and video. In addition, it boasts features like adaptive intelligence, scalability, availability, content security, media delivery, mobile delivery and integration.

Limelight’s team of experts has served some of the major firms across several segments that include digital media, healthcare, real estate and branding agencies.
For instance, UK’s leading property website, who owns a large database on properties with images wanted to deliver more pictures to customers through their site. Every day about two million images were uploaded on the website by estate agents and developers, which in turn reduced the performance of the site. With the ever increasing content on the site, customers were unable to view all images about property. Limelight resolved this issue with their Orchestrate delivery solution, which ensured accessibility of website across multiple devices. “Our solution balanced traffic across their expanded delivery network, which provided the opportunity to handle traffic spikes in a more cost efficient way,” asserts Lento, President, CEO and Director, Limelight.

Featuring a massive network footprint, with powerful cloud-based software that permits organizations to deliver faster websites, and more responsive web applications, has enabled Limelight to scale great heights over the years. “We own one of the world's largest performing and highly available content delivery networks which is accessible on any device,” notes Lento. Moreover, their finest team of CDN and software experts with deep expertise is acting as a fortress for the firm in helping customers round the clock for delivery and affirmation of digital experiences.

“Our platform is connected directly to hundreds of user access networks globally and it exhibits faster and richer experience”

Moving forward, Limelight intends to pursue their current service in the CDN domain to serve their clients with utmost effective solutions. “We would like to concentrate on our present customers to bring about better relationship as well attend to all their needs in the upcoming years,” concludes Lento.

Limelight Networks

Tempe, AZ

Robert Lento, President, CEO & Director

Empowers customers to better engage digital audiences to optimize and deliver digital content on any device.