Cedexis: Optimizing CDN through Global-Load- Balancing Platform

Scott Grout, CEO
Of late, content delivery strategies have begun to evolve. The present Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides a global coverage, performance and reliability for the network providers. However, the numerous network connections lead to CDN outages and single-point failure in the system which leads to adopting a dynamic multi- CDN strategy for better availability. To implement multiple CDNs and monitor the performance of the networks, Cedexis, an Oregon-based company offers a global-load-balancing platform that optimizes CDNs to enhance the availability, latency and throughput of websites and mobile applications, for the global end-users.

Established in 2009, Cedexis, an international company, delivers cloud-based web traffic optimization solutions for network providers. “Being a Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) solution provider, our company provides a combination of real-time client-side performance measurements with scriptable Domain Name System (DNS) traffic management,” says Scott Grout, CEO, Cedexis, Inc. The platform is used for a selection of traffic management solutions including content routing, cloud bursting, CDN federation, multi-vendor cloud-storage, and hybrid application acceleration.

Cedexis’ GSLB SaaS platform— Openmix—provides configurable service that enhances cloud and mobile-application availability and performance, without losing focus on the end-user experience optimization. Openmix ensures content availability through active use of multiple CDNs and routes webpage request to the lowest-latency CDN for a specific ISP/City. The platform also pursues multiple CDNs strategy to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effectiveness and mitigate outage risks in the network. “To monitor the performance of the multiple CDNs in the platform, our company offers Radar benchmarking along with Openmix platform,” says Grout. Cedexis Radar collects data from websites and mobile applications to provide a complete report of multiple CDNs’ performance in the system.

Besides Openmix, Cedexis offers Hybrid CDN which combines cloud network and CDNs for enhanced performance. Hybrid CDN strategy obtains real-time inputs from clients, to augment Cedexis Radar data and enhances availability and throughput for extended engagement and monetization.

“Our solutions helped customers increase their CDN performance, and avoid single-vendor lock-in in their network,” says Grout.

For instance, Gamesys Media, an European online gaming company approached Cedexis for a global traffic management solution to optimize their SEO and end-user experience. Cedexis implemented Openmix platform to solve the client’s requirements and helped them in monitoring their network performance. Using the platform, the client evaluated and gradually added multiple CDNs to their existing network solutions and realized latency through real-time data-driven federation. The implementation of automated traffic management eliminated the CDN outages in the network. The Openmix platform provided them a real-time response to shift in congestion and outages. In addition, the client monitored the performance of their multiple CDNs using Cedexis Radar. “Cedexis Openmix automatically managed load balancing for Gamesys traffic using real-time global Radar telemetry, sending end-users to the high-performance CDN for their Autonomous System Number (ASN) and CDN pair,” delineates Grout.

Cedexis’ software solutions monitor the performance of the cloud infrastructure and re-routes the traffic to different servers to improve website performance which sets them apart from the existing CDN solution providers. On a daily basis, the company’s software takes more than million measurements across thousands of different networks. “The measured information helps the software make billion decisions a day on where to divert the network traffic,” says Grout.

Our platform is a combination of real-time client-side performance measurements with scriptable Domain Name System (DNS) traffic management

Forging ahead, Cedexis plans to expand their customer base across North America and Europe. “In the past few years, our company has doubled its revenue by customer acquisition and now we are targeting Fortune 5000 global companies,” explains Grout. For the days to come, Grout expects a similar trajectory and strong revenue growth.


Portland, OR

Scott Grout, CEO

Optimizing web performance across data centers and CDNs for companies using cloud-based Web traffic optimization.