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Lawrence Rafsky, PhD Chairman & Chief Scientist
Over the past few years, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have completely transformed the design of web hosting infrastructures. Before the arrival of CDNs and cloud storage, media firms, business organizations, and publishers had to suffer significantly degraded user experiences due to sluggish transfer of content across distant networks or even complete denial of access to particular content. Presently, almost all fast-paced digital content providers, such as financial portals, video services, and other time-critical production units use CDNs for rapid deployment of content across the globe. “Acquire Media's advanced content distribution technologies and digital media platforms work with content publishers and CDN’s to provide a superior on-line experience for professional media organizations,” says Lawrence Rafsky, Chairman of Acquire Media.

Acquire Media delivers digital news and associated multimedia in reliable formats that make content instantly usable and searchable. Their technology-driven solutions are designed to deliver time-sensitive text and multimedia content with robust classification and unparalleled categorization accuracy. In addition, the group has developed four distinct content classification systems to handle customers’ expectations. One of the products, NewsEdge. com, provides integrated real-time news management and delivery solution for information professionals. This asset merges a business relevant content collection with search strategies and data sharing tools so that users can seek and transfer impactful news concerning their respective businesses. Another innovation, NewsEdge v8 uses the power of Acquire Media’s categorization to accurately filter breaking announcements, achieving unparalleled specificity and offering real time alerts for traders and investment professionals. “NewsEdge v8 is specifically designed for users interested in impactful news on financial markets, users who need it quickly for calling a customer, rebalancing portfolios, writing news stories, or entering into a trade,” affirms Rafsky. Apart from these, the firm has two other on-line systems that supply give users with filtered news at the pace they need, the pace dictated by the design of their content operations.

Acquire Media has provided content organization and delivery services to some of the most respected names in digital publishing: PR Newswire, Moody’s, Tribune, Advance, The FT, NBC News, Nasdaq Globe, and others.
Many problems have to be solved along the way: for example, a large volume of media content is duplicated across large media enterprises and as a result, problems arise coordinating media release, handling of corrections, and so on. Acquire Media has aided in resolving these problems by amplifying dexterity in data availability, transfer, sharing and coding for increasing overall operational efficiency and maintaining content control. “Acquire Media’s solution has transformed media distribution into a tightly-managed activity by maintaining the tracking necessary to provide a centralized command-and-control system,” says Rafsky.

We craft products that resolve major content distribution issues by using algorithms that optimize data categorization, data control, and data transmission, improving overall digital media operations.

Through its dedicated services and expertise in the field of media content management and distribution via CDNs and the cloud, Acquire Media has succeeded in assisting professional media firms enhance their delivery processes. “We believe in employing semantic, natural language and image processing at an insightful level to achieve optimal media distribution,” says Rafsky. Additionally, Acquire Media’s senior programming team is constantly engaged in cutting-edge research to develop new and improved algorithms for assisting content operations.

Moving ahead, Acquire Media is looking forward to evolving their technology systems to accommodate the impact of social media on professional media organizations. “Social media is the new medium of choice, and is becoming a vital distribution platform for professional media companies,” Rafsky notes. Also part of the agenda, the company plans to provide its solutions on smart devices leveraging the rising trend in increased usage of such devices across the world.

Acquire Media

Roseland, NJ

Lawrence Rafsky, PhD Chairman & Chief Scientist

Provider of technology-driven solutions designed to deliver time-sensitive multimedia digital content with robust classification and unmatched categorization accuracy, along with reliable entitlement processing and secure syndication.