20 Most Promising CDN Solution Providers - 2017

20 Most Promising CDN Solution Providers - 2017

The dynamic growth of fast access internet Content Delivery Networks solutions is pushing to reduce page load time and serving site content regardless of proximity to the visitors and their location. A major component of this digital super highway, video streaming, is expected to grow fourfold by 2020, when Cisco predicts 82 percent of all IP traffic will be video. This requires infrastructure to match and thus the CDN holds a vast plethora of potential as the internet’s diving board. Consequently fast web content demands low latency. This factor of latency is a much greater challenge when it comes to mobile internet usage, where by 2020 approximately 30 percent of traffic is expected to come from smartphones.

Mobile content delivery requires a much superior and a more intensive optimization strategy to ensure low latency and higher bandwidth. Therefore while legacy CDNs are slow to react, several innovations are tackling traffic optimization using next-gen WAF and DevOps-friendly CDNs. In addition, with CDNs having started to push into offering Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and bot mitigation, enterprise customers now look to CDNs to manage web security.

The purview for consideration is plain and CIOReview is elated to present the “20 Most Promising CDN Solution Providers - 2017”, to symptomatically isolate and target the unique disruptions in the Content Delivery Network landscape.

Company Name

Company Description

Akamai Provides cloud services for delivering, optimizing and securing online content and business applications.
Anevia Leader in OTT and IP software solutions for the delivery of live television and video-on-demand.
Beluga CDN Provides solutions that accelerate the delivery of website content (images,videos, etc) by leveraging the power of the global cloud.
CacheFly Delivers customer content from the Internet’s major peering locations, using their propreitary anycast technology, to provide customers with a significant performance increase.
CDN 77 Provides a completely transparent CDN solution, leveraging the latest in HTTP/2 and Brotli support as an innovator in the CDN industry.
CDN Lion Delivers solutions that help accelerate digital content, on demand
CDN Video Provides a Content Delivery Network optimized for video content distribution to internet audience across the globe.
China Cache ChinaCache is one of the leading providers of internet content and application delivery service.
Cloudflare Offers cloud-based infrastructure to secure and optimize websites, applications, SaaS products and APIs.
Equus Compute Solutions A leading custom server and storage system manufacturer who specializes in customer-unique configurations.
Fastly A content delivery network for businesses to improve performance of websites, mobile applications and Application Program Interface.
G-Core labs Global content delivery network (CDN) & Hosting delivering high-tech IT infrastructure, and fast solutions for video streaming and software delivery.
holacdn By building a network around the distinctive elements of the delivery stream, Hola CDN delivers a solution specifically designed for video delivery.
incapsula A provider of cyber security solutions that includes DDoS protection, website security, content delivery network and load balancer.
Leaseweb An Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider offering dedicated servers, CDN and cloud hosting on a global network.
Level 3 Communications Inc Provides telecommunications and Internet Protocol services to healthcare, finance and government sectors.
MISI Tech Delivers video parallel-processing using analog based color analysis technique to enhance video graphics in realtime.
Quantil A provider of content delivery network and cloud computing solutions to businesses.
StackPath Offers businesses with enterprise security analytics solutions.
VidScale A pioneer in the edge-to-edge application deployment space.